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Do potential customers know what your company is all about?  Make sure when someone is searching On Google for your company’s services they come straight to you.  Brand Awareness means Money.

Know thy Customers

We will drive more local customers to your business than any other service in Westchester.  We aren’t some business out in Timbuktu.  We are in Westchester so we are local just like you.

Reports Here Get your Reports Here

We are on top of your business.  Many places might brag about giving you reports on a monthly basis.  We want you to be up to date on what is happening.  We will provide you daily reports that we can use to help your business.

The Secret Sauce

We have proprietary methods that we use to make the magic happen.  We stay up to date with all the latest news and methods to make sure we are using the most cutting-edge practices for our clients.  

Increased Revenue

Everyone loves the Benjamins!  Watch as customers start coming for your products or services.

NO Long Term Contracts

If your NOT Happy, we don’t lock you into a long-term contract.  Everything is done month-to-month because you should only pay for results.  

Choosing the best SEO company is something that needs to be done with the utmost care.   Your business may be the most important aspect of you and your family’s lives.  Your competition is out there trying their hardest to take your market share.  Time is of the essence when you’re trying to rank organically on Google.    The longer it takes for you to grow your results means more revenue that is being taken away from your business.  You snooze you lose is NOT an understatement.

Here are some guidelines for helping you prioritize what are some important factors in choosing the right Search Engine Optimization for YOU.

Size Does Matter

Size does matter and the solutions that will be best for your company will differ based on that.  Every business is different even in the same industry.  What works for one company may not work for another business.  We will make a unique plan for each client, maximizing their revenue potential.  New Rock Enterprise will make sure your business is well equipped for moving forward in going up the Google ranking ladder.

Keyword Optimization
The right keywords to focus on for your website is a key part of how the search engines rank your site and how the prospective costumers will find you during a search. At New Rock Enterprise, we will use our proprietary methods to get the best keywords for your company.  We will make sure to analyze the best keywords that will maximize your earning potential.  

The Time is Now
When it comes to search engine optimization, time is always ticking because you have every competitor under the sun beat you. The right SEO company that you eventually choose to work with needs to provide you real results. The Westchester SEO team at New Rock Enterprise will work on improving your website page rank so you can dominate in your space.  Choose wisely…

Paying for Quality Service

Some of you might have worked with other SEO companies.  Some of those companies may not have provided quality results.  That doesn’t mean that you should stop trying.  It’s like any profession such as doctors, lawyers, accountants or even a mechanic.  Just because you might have gotten bad service doesn’t mean that you won’t ever use a doctor or a lawyer again.  Real Search Engine Optimization is Hard Work that takes time.  Don’t be fooled by charlatans who promise everything under the sun to get your business.  We at New Rock Enterprise will provide our clients with real quality service at a reasonable price.  
We know what You Want

New Rock Enterprise works on the premise of underpromising and over delivering.  We will not promise you anything that we can’t deliver.  We want long-term clients who we can work with for a long time.  The only way that happens is if we deliver on our promises.  We will make sure your company’s website will be noticed by Google and be placed ever higher in Google Rankings, till we get to First page.  This will bring in real laser targeted customers that will bring in revenue.   

This guide should help you in choosing the right SEO company for your website.  We may or may not be the company you choose but given the chance we believe that we will help your company in your Westchester industry.  

What’s the use of being Ranked on Google?

Do you have a computer or a smartphone?  Yes and Yes, right!  When is the last time you needed the phone number of a plumber or contractor?  Did you look in the Yellow Pages?  Exactly!  No one does that anymore.  Your customers aren’t either.  This is the 21st Century and you need to change your paradigm.  If you truly want to dominate your market, you must dominate on Google. Contact us at 914-361-9455 to get started today!